Friday, November 15, 2013

portland with am + sophia

the last time we took a sisters trip was when we went to oahu six years ago in October 2007. i was in my mid-twenties and in such a different place then. i remember being extremely stressed out and not myself, and I don't know how to explain this, but in a really tangible way, all of my worries dissipated the moment that we landed. just like that. the following four days were amazing and great and wonderful, and i'm positive we left thinking we'd have a sisters trip every year, if not every other year.

so what happened? basically, i messed up the whole sisters trip schedule by starting school in June 2009 and not finishing until June 2013. so, now that school is done and over with, it was time for another sisters trip! kudos to am and sophia for really getting us moving, they did a lot of the researching and planning and I LOVE THEM for that.

day 1: friday, october 4th
there is nothing better than leaving a muggy, hot, you've-totally-worn-out-your-welcome los angeles and landing in cool, chilly, now-this-is-what-fall-is-supposed-to-feel-like portland. when we picked up our rental car, sophia asked the rental car girl about the traffic in portland. there was a moment of silence, the rental car girl gave us a strange look, and then said "there isn't any traffic in portland." okay, then! guess we're definitely not in los angeles anymore!

for our lodging, we stayed here and, although there were some places we could walk to, sophia drove most of the time. on that first day of driving around in portland, we quickly realized that there are a lot of bars and restaurants in portland... a lot.

first restaurant stop: tasty n sons. known for their breakfast, we had a late lunch-- timing is everything. i can't say i loved the place, but i did notice that it was about 2:30pm-3:00pm and it was their happy hour... i'm telling you, bars and restaurants! after lunch, we grabbed some coffee, weaved our way in and out of nearby shops, made our way over to powell's books, and snapped some photos.

after a lot of exploring, we had dinner at ned ludd and met up with joe's cousin, sarai, and her husband, ken, for drinks at secret society. i was exhausted by the end of the night.

day 2: saturday, october 5th
the next morning, we grabbed some pastries from ken's artisan bakery and headed out to the farmer's market at (by?) portland university. pastries were delicious, walking around the farmer's market in fall weather was delicious, i loved both. after the farmer's market we had lunch at mother's bistro & bar (am's portobello mushroom sandwich was amazing) and stopped by the portland saturday market for some arts and crafts shopping. am's portobello mushroom sandwich is a definite repeat, the portland saturday market not so much...


next up was multnomah falls (these girls know how to plan). really pretty and very touristy.


after multnomah falls, we innocently made our way to little bird for dinner. i didn't realize it at the time, but i'm going to say that i had the best meal of my life so far at little bird. i regret not taking any photos of the restaurant, the food, or us. little bird is kind of a big deal to me now!

day 3: sunday, october 6th
on our last day in portland, we stopped by blue star donuts on our way to the airport (early flight). i don't even remember the donuts that we ordered, but i do know that we ordered too many and that we didn't hold back.

Friday, August 30, 2013

happy happy anniversary

happy anniversary, love!

thank you for the five happiest years of my life.

i love you. xoxo

Monday, September 3, 2012

beth + jason's wedding

chris and i were just in seattle for chris's sister's wedding. since we didn't know what my job situation would be at the time we booked our plane tickets, we decided that we'd have to play it safe and plan a quick three day trip-- fly into seattle on friday, go to beth and jason's wedding on saturday, and make our way back home on sunday.

day 1:
on an episode of anthony bourdain's no reservations, anthony bourdain ate at salumi and, given that we know seattle pretty well and have never heard of salumi, we were immediately intrigued and decided to make it our first stop. from the show, we knew that there would be a line, so we had braced ourselves and were ready for a wait. what we weren't ready for was how voracious our appetites would be.

side note: i may or may not have (or just may have) misread our departure time to be thirty minutes later than it actually was, which would have been fine since i had planned to get us to the airport an hour early, which ended up not being fine though since we (or just i) were running half an hour late. what followed was one couple frantically racing (within the speed limit) to the airport, running to our gate, and just barely making it. we must've burned off everything we had for breakfast, explaining the starved state of mind we were both in.

after about an hour and fifteen minutes of waiting, we finally made it in. we ordered a sandwich and platter to share. the hectic pace of salumi was exciting at first and added to the anticipation, but once we had ordered and were seated with our food, it was hard to detach from the buzzing that was happening all around us. the restaurant is tiny and the food and the atmosphere didn't seem to match up, it felt like the food was just trying to keep pace with the line of customers out the door and around the building. i wondered whether the owner had wished for this when he opened.

oh, the food! it was delicious, but chris and i were parched for the rest of the day and night. we will be eating sparingly the next time we go to eat (and wait in line) at salumi.

after salumi, chris took me to the guitar shop he used to go to when he lived in washington. a lot of chris's stories growing up are connected to this guitar shop. i was told that the shop has changed a lot over the years. seeing chris in the shop though, within the same walls in the same space, made me think that, when it came to chris and guitars, not much has probably changed at all.

day 2:
beth and jason had their wedding in the backyard of the house chris and his sister grew up in. chris's mom did an amazing job of transforming their backyard into an intimate wedding space.

day 3:
on our last day in seattle, chris and i enjoyed breakfast at the ace hotel (the waffles are amazing!), oysters and geoduck at taylor shellfish farms (AMAZING!!!), coffee at vivace and vita (pretty amazing), a porchetta sandwich at oddfellows (so, so amazing!), and a bit of shopping. the last day was basically a mad rush to enjoy seattle before we had to leave. up until oddfellows, we felt like we weren't leaving prematurely. that, although our trip was short, it was fulfilling. it wasn't until the end of the day, as we were nearing that time when we'd have to head to the airport, that we felt like we could really use a few more days.

until next time.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

high desert + joshua tree

While my classmates were preparing to take their graduation walk, Chris and I were heading towards the windmills of Palm Springs.

As a graduation gift, Chris surprised me with a one night stay at the Joshua Tree Inn in Joshua Tree and tickets to see Kurt Vile play at Pappy & Harriet's in Pioneertown. Our getaway plans included devouring BBQ at Pappy & Harriet's, seeing a great show, exploring Joshua Tree National Forest the next morning, and enjoying some quiet time away from our noisy lives back in L.A.

Being out of town on my graduation day to see a show outdoors, beneath a star-filled night sky, with Chris next to me was the most perfect way to end three years of graduate school. I wasn't tired, or stressed, or feeling overwhelmed, I was just happy and thankful to be there.